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Policy Documents

Policy documents can be obtained by clicking on the links below:


Accessibility Audit and Plan November 2016 – Review date November 2019 

DC LA Administration of Medicines in Schools May 2013

Anti Bullying Policy for Review Autumn 2019

Appraisal and Capability Policy reviewed 2018

Art Design and technology Policy Review date March 2019

Assessment Policy 2014 – Currently under review

Attendance Policy 2017 – Currently under review

Behaviour Policy reviewed 2018

Charging and Remissions policy – Currently under review

Code of Conduct reviewed 2018

Computing Policy 2016 – Review date November 2018

School Complaints Procedure reviewed 2018

Schools Procedure for Dealing with Allegations reviewed 2018

Data and Information Security Policy – Currently under review

Dealing with Allegations Policy 2016 – Currently under review

DfE Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions December 2015

Disposal of Nappies and Personal Protective Equipment Review Date Oct 2018

Drug Policy for Review Autumn 2018

Education Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy reviewed Sept 2018

Education Visits Policy for review Autumn 2019

English Policy 2018

Equality and Diversity Policy reviewed 2018

E-Safety Policy 2016 – Currently under review

Foundation Stage – Currently under review

Geography Policy review date March 2019

Gifted & Talented policy 2014 – Currently under review

Governors’ Allowances Policy 2015 – Currently under review

Governor Visits to School Policy June 2016 – Review date June 2018

Health and Safety Policy 2018

Health and safety policy 2015 attachment see above

Updated Evacuation Routes – September 2018

Healthy Schools Policy 2016 – Currently under review

History Policy 2018 – Review date March 2019

Inclusion Statement 2015 – Currently under review

Intimate Care – Currently under review

Policy for looked after children reviewed 2018

Marking and Feedback policy 2018 – Review date April 2019

Mathematics Policy for Review Autumn 2018

Medication – School Parental Consent Form September 2017

Music policy for review 2019

Physical Education Policy 2016 – Currently under review

Privacy Notice for Pupils in Schools

Promoting British Values Policy for Review Autumn 2018

PSHE Policy for Review Autumn 2019

Pupil Premium Policy 2017-18 For Review Autumn 2018

RE policy 2018

Science Policy Reviewed 2018

SEND Policy February 2018

Special Educational Needs Information Report February 2018

Relationships & Sexual Education Policy for Review Autumn 2018

Sun Safety Policy for Review September 2019

Policy for teachers pay reviewed 2018

Toileting and continence policy Review date March 2019

Volunteers in School Policy for Review September 2018

Whistle blowing reviewed 2018


You can request a paper copy of any of our policies free of charge from the school office.


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