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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Our over-riding aim at Cavendish Close Infant and Nursery School is to provide a happy, stimulating, caring and secure environment in which the lives of the children are enriched that they are able to achieve their full potential.

Our SEND aims:

  • To ensure that all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To provide a differentiated curriculum that meets the needs of all learners.
  • To ensure that all teachers are responsible for every child in their class.
  • To create an environment where children can contribute to their own learning, where they feel safe and listened to.
  • To ensure early identification of SEND in partnership with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).
  • To ensure that children with SEND take as full a part as possible in all school activities.
  • To ensure that parents of children with SEND are involved in target setting and regular reviews of progress and achievement.
  • To work towards inclusion in partnership with other agencies.

Our SEND Policy February 2018 and Special Educational Needs Information Report February 2018 clarify how we fulfil our SEND aims.

We are a caring and nurturing school and we strive to do our very best for every child.  We are committed to working effectively with parents and external agencies.

All children access Quality First Teaching.  In addition to this, we run a number of well-established and successful intervention programmes.

Children with SEND are set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely (SMART) targets.  Well thought out provision is implemented and progress is reviewed regularly.

If you would like dicuss our SEND policy and/or what we can offer for your child, please get in touch with Mrs Diffin (Deputy Headteacher and SENCO).

Associated Policies:

Accessibility audit and plan November 2016

Toileting and continence policy Review date March 2019

Disposal of Nappies and Personal Protective Equipment Review Date Oct 2018

Equality and Diversity Policy Oct 17

DfE Guidance on supporting pupils with medical conditions (December 2015)

LA Guidance on administration of medicines in School (May 2013)

Medication – School Parental Consent Form September 2017

Public Health England – Guidance on infection control in school (May 2016)

DfH Guidance on the use of emergency salbutamol inhalers in schools (March 2015)

DfH Guidance on the Use of Adrenaline Auto-injectors in Schools September 2017

DfE Guidance on First Aid in Schools February 2014

DfE Guidance on Automated External Defibrillators in Schools February 2018

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