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Aims and Ethos

School Ethos

The Governors and staff of Cavendish Close Infant School are committed to a curriculum, which is balanced and broadly based. Our teaching and learning promotes the physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development of our children and which provides the children in our care with a good foundation of learning on which they continue to build as they grow. We aim to develop the child as an individual member of society, taking  into account individual needs but at the same time developing the shared responsibility within the community.

Staff are very enthusiastic in their approach and ensure learning is fun but challenging – Ofsted 2012.

School Aims

Our over-riding aim at Cavendish Close is to provide a happy stimulating, caring and secure environment in which the lives of the children are so enriched that they are able to achieve their full potential.

Specific aims to achieve this are:

    • To create a happy, secure and Stimulating environment in which all Children can learn.
    • To provide an appropriate curriculum suitable to the ages and abilities of all the children.
    • To work within the guidelines of the National Primary Strategy and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.
    • To give children the opportunities to develop physically, artistically, intellectually, emotionally and socially
    • To encourage the children in developing self-confidence.
    • To develop a sense of self-worth in each child.
    • To encourage the children to accept and respect each other as individuals.
    • To develop an understanding and acceptance of other cultures.
    • To appreciate and take care of the natural world.
    • To work co-operatively and sensitively with parents and governors.
    • To reflect the community in which we are placed and play an active part within it.
    • To make learning fun, relevant and accessible to all the children.
    • To begin the journey on a path of life long learning.

Pupils from all backgrounds are warmly welcomed and those who need the most help are well supported – Ofsted 2012.

Through this we actively promote and celebrate British ideals and values.

We teach and promote the concept of democracy through discussion, debate and holding ‘elections’ for school councillors.

We teach and promote the rule of law by following our own school behaviour policy and through learning about rights and responsibilities.

We teach and promote the concept of individual liberty by valuing all of our community and teaching the children about the lives of people elsewhere.

We teach and promote mutual respect through our day to day expectations – role modelling common courtesy, good manners and respect to all.

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Our British Values

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We teach and promote tolerance of different faiths and cultures assemblies, PSHE, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural and RE lessons.

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