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Clubs and Activities

We run a number of extra curricular events for children to take part in during the week.

Information will be sent to parents about each club times and availability of places. Parents are required to give written permission before children will be allowed to join in.

The clubs are usually oversubscribed, so not all the children will be able to take part at the first opportunity. For those who do not get a place first time, they will be given priority in the next half term’s club.

Book Club

Children are invited to join our book club. Stamps may be purchased in order to save for books on a Tuesday from your child’s class teacher. The book shop is open on Tuesday afternoons, on a fortnightly basis in the Library area, where children come to select the books they wish to buy.

Cookery Club

A cookery club is run every Tuesday, in the Nursery, immediately after school.

Art Club

An art club is run every Monday, in the annexe, immediately after school.

Various sports including Football, Dodgeball, Archery, Dance & Gymnastics Club

These run periodically throughout the year and are provided by staff from Premier Sports. The sports change each term.  For further information and availability please visit their website on www.premiersport.org

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