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Our school is organised into mixed ability classes within each year group. Foundation 2 classes are comprised of 2 classes with Autumn and Winter born children and 1 class with late Spring and Summer born children. This enables us to ensure that the youngest children get the extra support they need when they first start school. The Foundation 2 classes have a teacher and a full time Teaching Assistant.

Year 1 & Year 2 classes have a teacher and a part time teaching assistant.

At the end of each school year, the Head and the class teacher discuss each child, before deciding on the class placements for the following year. We consider friendships, maturity, working relationships and behaviour patterns when making these decisions. When twins are admitted to school we discuss with parents whether to place them in the same class for FS2 and Yr1. In Y2 we put twins into separate classes to encourage independence and development as individuals. This has proven to be advantageous to the individual children concerned. Parents can discuss this with staff prior to placements being decided.

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